Fibre Optics

Mergers & Acquisitions Management

Seven out of ten mergers and acquisitions fail to meet their financial and strategic goals. Due diligence is a critical step in determining whether a deal initiative is worth pursuing. Le Link will analyze the following elements of the target company: Historical activity; ownership structure; management team; products and services; markets and competition, assets and liabilities; information systems and technology and corporate culture.

Le Link’s objective is to help you meet your financial goals from your transaction. Through our network of contacts we can rapidly identify quality prospects. We will remain actively involved throughout the, due diligence, negotiation, financial and legal process to ensure that the chances of reaching a profitable agreement are maximized.

Often companies are not sufficiently aware of the post-merger phase, the integration. Employees and managers are looking for structure and clarity around roles, responsibilities and the expectations of the new owner. Le Link will help you develop a well thought out structured plan of the integration process. Once the plan is implemented, this will lead to a healthy corporate culture.